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PROFLEX modular system

Analog to digital and digital to analog converters - ADC, DAC

Video: Rec.601 and Rec.656 compliant D1 signal filters. EDH insertion in D1 streams.

Audio: two-channel (stereopair) 24-bits convertion. AES/EBU output standard with 32kHz, 44.1kHz, 48kHz and 96kHz sampling rates. Built-in test-signal generator. Analog input overload protection by presettable attennuator. Two preset levels on audio output. Manually presettable audio delay - up to 1.3sec at 48kHz sampling rate. Automatic "audio delay follows video" under "PROFITT"s networked remote controls (requires a CPU module in a rack)."

Analog to digital convertors (ADC)





analog to digital converter  YUV/RGB=>D1

multistandard decoder/synchronizer/ADC SDI/YUV/RGB/PAL/SECAM/YC=>SDI/YUV,PAL NR - with noise reducer


analog to digital converter with an audio delay

  • one balanced stereo input (DB-25 connector),

  • two balanced AES outputs (DB-25, 110 Ohm),

  • two unbalanced AES outputs (BNC, 75 Ohm)

  • synchronization: autonomous or by video signal (BNC, 75 Ohm) or by external AES, balanced/unbalanced (DB-25, 110 Ohm / BNC, 75 Ohm)

Digital to analog converters (DAC)



digital to analog converter D1=>YUV/RGB  

multistandard decoder/synchronizer/DAC SDI/PAL/SECAM=>SDI/YUV,PAL NR - with noise reducer


digital to analog converter with an audio delay one AES balanced/unbalanced input (DB-25, 110 Ohm / BNC, 75 Ohm), two balanced stereo outputs (DB-25 connector



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